What Our Clients Have to Say

Richard was the contract CFO for my company, Claim-Maps Holdings, Inc. When he came on board, my little company gained instant credibility with a large group of Seattle area angel investors. I can’t recommend him highly enough. He is diligent, cost conscious and a source of wise counsel.

Robert Malooly, CEO/Founder of Claim Maps, Inc.

In the initial several weeks, Richard provided critical support through his professional demeanor and tempered guidance; he created greater cohesion in the group while simultaneously tackling a number of systemic issues and ambiguities regarding our finances and financial operations. Richard quickly generated critical reports for our executive team and created a window wherein our board of directors could assess its mid-term options in light of much-need financial data. Throughout his tenure here at IDRI, Richard has effectively interfaced with me, my colleague Curt Malloy, IDRI’s board of directors, and our finance and audit committees. Richard has also participated in several strategic hires and has created a number of tools that are still in frequent use.

Stewart Parker, CEO of the Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI)

I got to know Richard while we were colleagues at T-Mobile and he later became a trusted advisor on a new startup venture. I appreciate his attentive listening skills, seasoned insights, candid honesty, and pragmatism regarding responsible management of financial risk within the context of growth objectives. Any organization pursuing new ventures or a transformation would benefit from the financial and operational skills, depth of analyses, agile thinking, and the lucidity he brings to strategic financial management. He also happens to be a great person that always brings a constructive point-of-view to every discussion.

Frank Ramirez, CEO/Founder of KindClicks

We engaged Richard as our contract CFO. In his time here so far, he has helped us significantly cut down costs and increase our company’s efficiency. Richard has also provided us with operational expertise outside of traditional finance and accounting. He has proved to be a valuable team member helping us grow our company to the next stage.

Byung (Simon) Hoon Yu, CEO/Co-Founder of StormX

We hired Richard at a start-up where I was dealing with presenting certain ideas of what the business might look like to early-stage investors.  Richard put together a model for us in a fast and seamless way that allowed us to forecast not only costs and revenues, but also potential margins and helped us with how we might price our products and services.  Richard is effective at modeling a new business, working quickly with limited input and producing value for the client.  We went on to hire Richard to set up the initial accounting and finance aspects of our business as we recruited our full-time CFO, who was able to take over a well-structured and organized plan and accounting staff.  I would rate Richard as excellent. He is easy to work with, disciplined, timely and wise.  He has my highest recommendation, and I would hire him again without hesitation.

Don Davis, CEO of Clipcard (formerly OneOcean)

Richard provides fractional CFO services to Innovega. This has allowed us to benefit from his broad range of skills and decades of experience, while not needing to carry the cost of a full-time CFO. Over recent years Richard has not only ensured compliance with government accounting rules, managed a complex capital structure, led annual financial audit processes, but also prepared Innovega to list on the Nasdaq stock exchange. He is respected by senior management and all members of the Innovega board of directors. I would wholeheartedly recommend Richard to any company that needs the highest quality of work and would benefit from the flexible and positive approach he brings to any task he is asked to deliver.

Stephen Willey, CEO/Co-Founder of Innovega

Richard came highly recommended to us by our outside CPA firm. Over the past two years, Richard has provided a seasoned CFO-level perspective on a wide range of finance and accounting matters, and has also provided active mentorship to our Controller. He has additionally played a key role in recruitment by leveraging his extensive network of contacts and recruiting firm relationships, and by providing a keen eye for talent. Overall, Richard has been invaluable for our organization's development, strategy, and operations.

John A. Stamatoyannopoulos, MD, CEO/Founder of Altius Institute for Biomedical Sciences

As a startup founder I have found that a key to success is surrounding myself with reliable and skilled people. Richard joined our team on a fractional basis and helped us out with some very important projects that were foundational for our growth. I'm grateful for the expertise he brought to our business.

Kevin Rindal, CEO/Founder of Vimocity