How We Help Our Clients

Client engagements can be grouped into one of three buckets – project-focused, fractional, or advisory.


Project-focused engagements are, as the name implies, short-term engagements focused on either a single project or group of projects.

  • For seed-stage clients, projects typically focus on working with the founders on financial modeling for their initial fund raise, term sheet review and due diligence management.  

  • For client’s concerned about the performance of their finance department, we provide assessment and turnaround services.  Typical deliverables include recommendations to the board and/or CEO for process and system improvements, and organizational changes as needed.  We can also lead the departments through the recommended changes.

  • For more established companies, we have assisted CFO’s with too much on their plate and too little time to tackle everything.  Projects can include everything from getting an audit over the finish line, to creating and implementing new processes and procedures, to M&A work involving acquisition target analysis and valuation.

  • For those client’s considering an exit, we can lead the finance function through the process by working with investment bankers, legal, and the executive team on pricing, quality of earnings review, and deal review.  Plus, we can act as the main finance point on all acquirer due diligence.


Fractional engagements are long-term relationships where we serve as the client’s outsourced part-time CFO on an on-going basis.

We provide leadership of the finance function for companies that are not yet ready for a full-time CFO.  Additionally, we work on all forward-looking analyses and work with our client leadership team on major corporate initiatives such as fundraising, M&A, or leading some of the operational issues involved with corporate expansion such as opening new offices or establishing new subsidiaries.  These engagements can last multiple years depending on client life stage and growth rate.  Many times, engagements begin on a project basis and then evolve into longer-term relationships.


Advisory engagements are for those clients with more established finance departments and simply need a seasoned person to discuss various matters that their internal staff may not have experience with. 

These engagements can be as little as calls on an as-needed basis to regularly scheduled weekly or bi-weekly meetings.